le fabulous french crepes mix

While the crepe may hail from France, this crème de la crepe dish is devoured all over the world. As I like to say, the crepe is a just a pancake that studied abroad!

Les Delicious Brownies Mix

NYC got its infamous "Big Apple" nickname in the 1920s for the prizes rewarded at the racetracks. Brownie points if you knew that little morsel of trivia already, mon ami!

J'adore les pancakes mix

Did you know that the Canadian province of Quebec produces 80% of the world's syrup? On behalf of pancakes worldwide, we are eternally grateful.

Le Tasty Cookies mix

While touring the historic country of Belgium I learned that in 1857 an apothecary in Brussels sold chocolate-coated medicines. Medic! A refill on my Rx for Belgian chocolate, s' il vous plaît!